Internet Speed and Data

Our mobile hotspot-based internet service is unlimited 4G LTE. Subscribers get 23GB/month of high speed prioritized data with speeds ranging from 12-40 mbps depending on the coverage area. After 23GB, T-Mobile begins data deprioritization which means that heavy data users are prioritized below other customers during times of high network traffic to ensure the best possible experience for all users. Deprioritized mobile hotspots are still connected to the internet, but are provided service at slower speeds.

Subscribers may connect up to ten devices to one mobile hotspot. Our mobile hotspots work best for desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. They do not work best for streaming on televisions or for game systems. 

Internet Provider

Our internet service provider is T-Mobile through a partnership with either Mobile Beacon or Mobile Citizen. Current and prospective subscribers can check their exact address on T-Mobile coverage map. After putting in the address, select the name of the appropriate mobile hotspot on the right side of the webpage, clicking 'Select Device' in yellow.

Hotspot and Monthly Internet Pricing

As noted above, PCs for People's mobile internet service is provided through a hotspot. Available hotspot models vary at times, but currently we are offering the Franklin T10 for $81. The monthly cost for our internet subscription is $15-16. We offer multi-month packages as an option should you choose. 


Hotspot Returns and Warranty

There is a seven-business-day hotspot return period in order to receive a full refund. The customer would be responsible for return shipping costs.

Each hotspot comes with a six-month warranty from the purchase date of the device. If a hotspot that has been deemed defective is out of the ISP’s warranty but still within six months of purchase, PCs for People will replace the device for the customer. If a hotspot is deemed defective after six months from the purchase date, then the customer will need to purchase a replacement. 

Please note:

  • If a hotspot is replaced under warranty, the warranty does not start over with the new device. 
  • If a replacement hotspot is purchased, the warranty starts over with the new purchase.